FloodPak - 0˚ Cutoff

When wall-mounted in the 0° position, the FloodPak replaces a standard wallpack fixture for use in perimeter and security lighting. The IESNA-rated cutoff optics provide wide distribution with up to a 6:1 spacing ratio for maximum distance between fixtures, while meeting stringent Dark Sky requirements. The FloodPak can also be pole mounted for use in site and area lighting with an optional arm, or it can be rotated 180° for dramatic wall-washing effects.

FloodPak - 22.5˚ Semi-Cutoff

Rotating the fixture body to its 22.5° position converts the FloodPak to semi-cutoff optics with forward-throw distribution resulting in up to a 5:1 spacing ratio. When pole-mounted at the 22.5° angle, light is directed away from the pole base for greater coverage. It can also be ground mounted for above horizontal aiming and indirect lighting.

FloodPak - 45˚ Flood

Rotated in the 45° position, the FloodPak transforms into an all-purpose flood for use in general purpose lighting. It produces a NEMA 7 x 6 light distribution pattern for applications requiring a wide-beam pattern. In addition to above and below horizontal surface mounting, the FloodPak can be pole mounted as a high-angle flood or ground mounted for facade and accent lighting.