FloodPak Benefits

Designed to Meet Today's Lighting Challenges

Greater Efficiency than Traditional Wallpacks
With conventional wallpacks, up to 70% of the available light never reaches its destination. Approximately 40% is lost within the fixture, while an additional 30% is directed outward and upward above 90°. The FloodPak’s high performance places 80% of the available light down and out where it is needed resulting in fewer fixtures, better lighting and greater savings.

Meets Dark Sky and Light Trespass Requirements
The FloodPak cutoff luminaire is designed around a high-performance, multifaceted optical system that meets today’s strict IESNA Dark Sky requirements. When mounted at 0° the FloodPak directs all of the light below 90° reducing glare and ensuring compliance to local “Dark Sky” codes. Tipping the FloodPak up 22.5° redirects the light forward allowing control over light trespass issues.

Lowest Installed Cost, Fewer Fixtures Required
When mounted at 0 degrees, the FloodPak offers a wide Type II distribution with a spacing ratio of up to 6:1. This permits greater spacing between fixtures than conventional wallpack luminaires. Fewer fixtures equal lower cost.

Reduced Installation Time
The FloodPak features quick and easy installation. By design, the FloodPak installs in half the time as compared to conventional surface and pole mounted lighting products. Faster installation translates into lower labor costs.

Less Energy Consumed
Because fewer FloodPaks are required, less energy is consumed. Less energy results in lower operation costs.